MKCL's International Certificate in Information Technology


Software Tools for hands-on:

    • Windows Vista
    • Microsoft Word 2007
    • Microsoft Excel 2007
    • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
    • Microsoft Access 2007
    • Internet Explorer 7.0
    • Microsoft Outlook 2007
    • Theory


      Information Technology, The Internet And You

      Windows Operating System

      The Internet, the Web & Electronic Commerce

      Word processing

      Basic Application Software


      Specialized Application Software

      Presentation Graphics

      System Software

      Database Management System

      The System Unit


      Input and Output

      Personal Information Manager

      Secondary Storage

      Making IT Work for You

      Communications and Networks

      Time Table

      Daywise break-up for MICIT Regular

      Daywise break-up for MICIT Fast Track

      Delivery Modes


      Fast Track


      3 months, 100 hours

      1 month, 50 hours

      Type of Sessions

      Theory and Practical

      Only Practical


      Rs. 2000/- + Service Tax

      Rs. 1200/- + Service Tax

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