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Life is tough Ravi Prakashif you're not a Software engineer. It's worse if you're just a graduate. That is the harsh truth today. Graduates have learnt it the hard way. Engineers are aware of this reality Even fresh students know this for a fact. There's a mad rush for software courses Only the smart few realise that paper degrees or fancy diplomas don't matter in software, what really matter is THE SKILL.
We, at RIIT care for you, perhaps that's the reasons why, we've designed a career selection frame work for you. This frame work will help you chose that delivers success and leads to prepares you for tomorrows networked world.
A program designed for anyone who wants to jump-start a lucrative career in software development ! It's program development for anyone who is not content with being a mere graduates. It's content with a desire to figure out ways doing things batter, smarter and faster. It's skill for the future does not matter whether you are a Science, Arts, Commerce or Engineering graduate !

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Cost Effective

Cost Effective Website DesignSome Computer Education institutes charge in excess for unnecessary courses that have become obsolete, while others will quote low, yet teach you nothing. We address every facet of your career needs, all at a reasonable cost.

Completely Custom

Custom Website DesignEvery course that RIIT teaches is custom-tailored for your career growth. Each course has been specially customised by our expert panel and is in line with the current industry trends. We regularly review our courses to give you the best.


Professional Website DesignAll the faculties at RIIT are fully trained in their respective fields and are regularly updated on their subjects. They are fully trained at RIIT for six months before taking the classes. RIIT labs are equipped with state of the art equipments.

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