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Launched in 1999, RIIT continues to be one of India's leading institutions of education and research in Information Technology. RIIT is focused on creating versatile IT professionals who can apply their knowledge & skills anywhere in the world.

RIIT is a friendly, informal, vibrant community of learners. Our students come from different backgrounds. They speak different languages. They have the opportunity to network, swap ideas, tinker & evolve concepts. Our ambience adds music, drama, dance and sport to the repertoire of hard-core engineers.

RIIT is a center of learning recognized for its high quality education. We offer Degree from Jaipur National University (Established by Government of Rajasthan | Approved by UGC Under Sec2(f) of UGC Act 1956 | (Recognized by Joint Committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC, Govt. of India) & International Certificate  from the MKCL of Maharastra  - India's largest & most renowned organisation Our learning systems integrate mastery of fundamentals with across-domain competencies.

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Why Choose RIIT Computer Education?

Cost Effective

Cost Effective Website DesignSome Computer Education institutes charge in excess for unnecessary courses that have become obsolete, while others will quote low, yet teach you nothing. We address every facet of your career needs, all at a reasonable cost.

Completely Custom

Custom Website DesignEvery course that RIIT teaches is custom-tailored for your career growth. Each course has been specially customised by our expert panel and is in line with the current industry trends. We regularly review our courses to give you the best.


Professional Website DesignAll the faculties at RIIT are fully trained in their respective fields and are regularly updated on their subjects. They are fully trained at RIIT for six months before taking the classes. RIIT labs are equipped with state of the art equipments.

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